There’s been Lindy Hop in Toronto since the mid-90s, but it was in 1998 that the Lindy Hop-specific dance scene really took off. It was in spring of 1998 that the Gap commercial came out, sharing the “swing craze” with a new crop of enthusiasts in North America and around the world. Our little swing dances were also highlighted in articles in Eye Magazine and other newspapers, so by the summer of that year, our regular events had grown from less than 20 people to hundreds of people lined up to get in. 

That was the year when many people started taking dance lessons with either Peter Renzland or Lisa Jacobs, and when regular dance nights became popular at venues like The Hooch (upstairs at The Gypsy Coop), Barcode, Ted’s Wrecking Yard, and many others.

On December 18th, 1998 the Toronto_Lindy Yahoo Group was created by Solomon Douglas. The archive is still available! Click here the announcements list and here for the discussion group. 

It doesn’t matter whether you started more than 20 years ago, haven’t danced in 20 years, or still dance regularly. Let’s get together for a bit of nostalgia and tip our hats to memories of The Swing Gang, Modrobes, and road trips to Ithaca. 

Here’s the documentary called Hop to Toronto that Allan Munro made in the early 2000s! 7 Parts:

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