Mini Reunion with Solomon Douglas

The reunion in January was a wonderful experience and many people have talked about wanting to get together again. As an organizer, one of my only regrets was that Solomon Douglas, dancer, musician, and founder of the Toronto_Lindy YahooGroups among other important contributions to the development of the Toronto Lindy Hop community, was not able to make it. So let’s have another little reunion to mark his visit!

Many of the early dancers remember taking lessons and social dancing events at the Tranzac Club so it’s the perfect spot for this little mini reunion. I’m in the process of confirming the venue now. Your purchase of advanced tickets will help to cover rent and maybe if we have enough interest, some live music too.

Kid-friendly event, kids under 15 can attend for free.

Thanks for your support of this event and we look forward to welcoming Solomon home on April 8th!

Sunday, April 8th
1pm to 5pm
Tranzac Club (TBC) 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 2M7

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