News! Sunday-only tickets suspended until further notice


The reunion is starting to fill up!

  • Until further notice, the Sunday-only tickets have been suspended while we work out some logistics.
  • The Sunday-only option may or may not re-open.
  • Sunday brunch is still available with a full weekend pass only.

NB: Depending on the brunch logistics that we determine in the next couple of days, there is a chance that Full Weekend Passes will no longer be available either. So if you’re thinking about participating, now is seriously the time to register for the full weekend.

Oh and by the way…

No big deal but Tyler Yarema has confirmed that he’ll be bringing the following musicians with him on Sunday:

Janice Hagan!!!!
William Sperandei
Scott Neilson
John Meyer
Chris Lamont

Ok, I lied. Totally a big deal! So if you want to come on Sunday, you’d better register for the full weekend before the Sunday options go completely off the table!

And don’t forget:

If you haven’t paid and received confirmation from me, you’re NOT on the list. Any outstanding payments for Sunday brunch must be received immediately.