Toronto Lindy Hop 1999 Archives from Charles Levi

Charles Levi did a little digging and found these wonderfully nostalgic notes from 1999:

“Thursday October 14, 1999 4:51 P.M. Coffee, Tea or Me – Bloor Street.  Workshop tonight, beginning of four days of Lindy Hop – first lesson of Lindy in months – just remain calm and loose, that’s all you need.  11:12 P.M. Subway Northbound at Queen – Solid workshop with Steven Mitchell, even if I had to sweep the gym floor for Lisa Jacobs.  Then, a group of us drifted, in a slow, un co-ordinated fashion, to the Courthouse for Alex Pangman.  I got once dance in with Dominica after she came in from sushi. ‘Danny Devito’ from Berlin was there too.”

“Friday October 15, 1999 11:42 504 King East from Roncesvalles. Fine workshop with Steven Mitchell, then complete attack of nerves at Palais Royale forces me to leave early.”

Tuesday November 16, 1999

“Skipped over to Reservoir Lounge to drink and enjoy a set of Tyler Yarema’s.  And I did, except for the distraction of the dancers.  One of these days I am going to write a sonnet, or an essay or something about watching Jody Glanzer dance.  She is just magical.  Neither her nor the other dance types came over to say hi, but I was off in a shadowy corner and perhaps they didn’t see me.”

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